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When it comes to souvenirs at Walt Disney World, they come in all shapes and sizes.  Everything from Magic Wands, like my daughter Sophie has, to princess costumes, vinylmation, clothing, you name it, they’ve got it!  But for me, my must buy souvenirs are Disney Pins!

Sophie and I started collecting and trading Disney Pins around 2009 or so.  For me, I like to look for collections of pins and only trade some of them, but for Sophie, she loves Pin Trading for what it is — an opportunity for her to trade pins with Cast Members to get that great pin in her eyes.  I’ve even seen her trade down (trade one of better value for one of lesser value) — but since they are her pins, it’s her decision!

When I started collecting, I bought a starter lanyard, which came with some pins to trade with.  Each season I get an idea of what I want to trade for or buy, and while we are on vacation, one of the great things I enjoy is looking at pins to see if there is one I want to trade for.  I’ve got some pins that I absolutely love, but the one that I think I like more than any of them is the one I got in June — my special 40th Anniversary pin.

Special 40th Anniversary Pin with Walt Disney’s Picture

I spent a lot of time thinking about what pin I wanted to buy before picking that one, and I am pleased that I got that one!

The only thing that I make sure I do when I get a pin that I really like is to purchase the screw-on backs.  These little beauties come with their own Allen wrench, and it makes it much safer to display your piece without fear of the backing coming off and losing your pin.  If you collect pins, and want to display them, I suggest that you do this to ensure that you don’t lose some of your treasures!

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8 Responses to “Magical Blogorail: My Must Buy Souvenirs”

  1. Those locking backs are essential! I don't do pin trading, but I like to get one pin per trip for my work lanyard. :) My students like looking at them.

  2. Thanks for commenting, Jenn!  Next up for us is to get a bunch of pins off e-bay!  Then we can keep what we like and trade what we don't! :)

  3. i love pin trading, but im like sophie! i just buy  starter set and trade forwhatever ctches s  my eye!!

  4. We've started to collect pins, but only one or two a visit. However, we'll spend a lot of time checking out as many as possible to just get the right ones.