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In two short weeks, our trip to Walt Disney World begins!  I took some time the other day and thought about what I felt each person in the party would be thinking about as we get ready to embark on our vacation adventure.  We will be staying at Bay Lake Tower, and can’t wait!

For Anna Jane, this trip is her first to Disney World, she is so excited because of all of the stories Sophie has told her, but she won’t really understand what it is all about until that first time we step into the Magic Kingdom!

For Otis and Nancy, they have been to Disney World before, but that was before Anna Jane was born.  This is the first trip that they have taken with their daughter, so I am sure that there are special hopes, dreams, and memories they hope to have and remember for years to come!

For Sherry, this is the first time that she will have experienced Disney with her Granddaughter (obviously).  In fact, Sherry has never been to Disney before either, so I can’t wait to see in what ways the Disney Magic will descend upon her!  I hope that this journey is one that she will never forget.

For Stephanie, this is her second year in a row that we have asked her to come with us, and for this special trip, she is also bringing her boyfriend Axl with her on our trip.  Axl is a unique person in that he has been to EuroDisney (as it was known when he went), but he has never been to Disney World, so this is a trip of firsts for him as well.  I expect that Stephanie will have an even better time at Disney this year than last!

For Sophie, this trip is yet another chapter in her Disney upbringing.  Sophie loves going to Disney World, and she loves sharing special memories with those that she loves, so when she found out that we were taking her cousin and her family to Disney with us, and be there on her birthday, the trip planning began in earnest for my little nine year old!  Sophie is like me, she simply can’t wait until we get in the car to drive to Florida!

For Cindy and I, this is one of the primary reasons why we decided to make the plunge and purchase our interest in the Disney Vacation Club.  The ability to bring those that we love with us on family vacations is a big deal to the two of us.  We love going to Disney with Sophie, and we are fortunate to be able to plan a vacation every year, so to be able to bring our family and friends with us is just a bonus for us.

And for me specifically, being able to go to Disney with my family and friends is a very special thing to me.  Planning our Disney family vacations is something that I love to do.  For me, this and every trip is about the memories that we make.  Last year my main memory was of Sophie being able to bring her cousin Stephanie with us.  This year, the main memories are going to be of Anna Jane’s first trip, and the memories that we all create together in my first big family vacation.

I hope that you all have wonderful memories in store for your next Disney Vacation, and I hope that you are able to create those special moments that will last a lifetime!  Thanks for reading!



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  1. Thanks Gaylin! I'll be posting plenty of pictures, video, and reviews of Bay Lake Towers, so the blog is going to be quite busy after we get back! Have a great day!