I love Disney World but Disney World during a school vacation? Not as much. There are too many people in my opinion. That’s why I try to schedule all my Disney trips while school is in session. Of course that means that my kids have missed school in order to head to Disney but there are plenty of opportunities for learning at Disney World. Plus, most teachers will give kids work ahead of time. I always try to get most of the school work done before we head out and while traveling (in the airport or on the plane); this way we are not worried about hitting the books at night.

In Animal Kingdom, you can see animals in their habitats. There is also nature talks at Raffikki’s Planet Watch as well as a chance to watch vets work on the animals. Animal Kingdom has dinosaurs, which includes opportunities to learn about the dinosaurs and possible explanations as to what caused their extinction. Also at Animal Kingdom, you will get plenty of information about conservation, always useful.

At Magic Kingdom, the Carousel of Progress is an entertaining look at technological changes from the 1800-1900 turn of the century  as well as a look at some ideas of new technology to come. One of the most informative attractions in the Magic Kingdom is the Hall of Presidents. In the pre-show area, there are on-going exhibits which rotate; there is a good chance you will see something new each time. Recently, the displays included some First Lady gowns, Presidential china and President Eisenhower’s gold clubs. The show features a brief history lesson and then the curtain rises for the Presidential roll call.  As each President is named, that President acknowledges his name, I love watching each head bow or nod (watch carefully and you may also notice  whispering between the Presidents). President Obama addresses the audience (if you are not a fan of history or really need a break, this cool, dark show is perfect for a nap)

Declaration of Independence

Washington’s Inauguration


Of course, Epcot is a learning mecca. Some of the learning in Future World includes the history of communication (in Spaceship Earth), the oceans of the world are explored at The Seas with Nemo and Friends, and at Club Cool you can learn about other cultures while you try different flavors of Coca Cola from around the world. It’s really interesting and kids will be more receptive to trying something close to what they know (like Coca Cola).


Over in World Showcase, every nation is a learning opportunity. Disney hires employees from these countries to staff the pavilions. These staff love talking about home and will happily discuss home and answer questions for you. There are chances to try foods from around the world while including kid friendly options at each restaurant. There are unique demonstrations in each country. You can learn belly dancing in Morocco, origami in Japan and (for adults) wine tasting in France.

Last but not least, you can learn about show business over at Hollywood Studios. The back lot studio tour takes you behind the scenes of movie making and you can learn about Walt and his innovations at One Man’s Dream. I also found a great picture of Thomas Edison. I was thrilled because I had never seen a picture of Thomas Edison before and didn’t even know that there were any pictures of Thomas Edison.

Thomas Edison from a picture found at Hollywood Studios

I hope I have given you some information that may be helpful. I’d love to hear your thoughts about learning at Walt Disney World or if you have questions. Happy learning and lots of Disney Dreams everyone!



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2 Responses to “Learning at Disney World OR Why I think it’s okay for kids to miss school for a Disney World trip”

  1. Nice article about learning opportunities! I too find I’m ok with taking my girls out of school for trips. They do learn things – expecially in World Showcase! They’ve learned how to say a few things in the languages. One cast member from Italy showed my daughter where he lived on a map of Italy. In Morrocco, the cast member taught my oldest how they read right to left.

  2. I agree about going when school is in session. It’s definitely a plus. One of the things the boyfriend and I love about Epcot is the Land. Living with the Land is one of our favorite rides. it’s so educational and informative.