On June 13th, our large party of nine was in for quite the Disney Magic Day (DMD) — if I say so for myself!

On that day, our three Princesses, Sophie, Madelyne-Lois, and River, were scheduled to get their hair, makeup, and nails done at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at Cinderella Castle!

I don’t know who was more excited — the three Princesses, or the Queen Mums that were doting on them while their daughters were being dolled up!  While the girls did that, Neal, Izaiah and myself went for a ride on the Walt Disney World Railroad!  Izaiah, when he first arrived at Disney, thought everything was a train, including the buses and the monorail!  However, by Wednesday, Izaiah was a sophisticated youngster — who knew that the only real train was the WDW Railroad! :)

After a complete loop around the Magic Kingdom, we received word that the girls were done, so we headed off to see all the Pixie Dust that was sprinkled on our girls!  Check out the final results!

River’s Transformation!

Maddy’s Transformation!

Sophie’s Transformation!

Not only were the girls having a grand time at the BBB, but we also were having dinner at Cinderella’s Royal Table that night!  I was a little bummed because our dinner wasn’t until 8:40PM that night, which is rather late for dinner.  But with three children who had never been to Walt Disney World before, it was a given that we were going to eat at the Castle if we could, so I took the reservation gladly!

Since there were so many of us, we received three different photo packages, and the picture at the top is one of those photos.  Dinner was absolutely incredible!  Cindy had the stuffed chicken breast with leeks, artichokes, and sun-dried tomatoes.  I had a seafood pasta dish that was absolutely incredible, and finished it off with an almond cheesecake that was the creamiest cheesecake I ever ate!  Cindy had the Chef’s Dessert Trio.  So, being greeted by Cinderella was incredible.  The food was incredible.  Having Belle, Snow White, Ariel, and Princess Aurora come to our table was really great.  But the Pièce de résistance was what happened after we were finishing our dinner.  First, though, a little background information.

Earlier in the day, Kerry, River’s mom, had told me that they wanted to know if there was a place where they could still see the fireworks, but be inside to avoid most of the noise of the fireworks.  I told her at the time that I didn’t think there was such a place.  It was then that Walt looked down on our party and said “Watch this, I’m going to make that happen!”

As we were enjoying our desserts, all of a sudden the lights dimmed a little bit, and the announcer came on the intercom system, and announced that Wishes would be starting in five minutes!  Everyone in the dining hall got really excited, because I don’t think any of us realized that we were going to be in the Castle when Wishes went off!

It was incredible — the show music was played in the dining hall, and all of us looked out the windows from our tables to be able to watch the fireworks go off.  It was Disney Magic in it’s finest hour for me, and I will never, ever forget that special day!

I didn’t take many pictures during the show, I was so caught up in the moment, but the memory is one that I’ll never forget!

What is your favorite example of Disney Magic? Why don’t you share it in the comments, or on the Facebook page, or even by submitting a photo for this week’s Disney In Pictures segment?



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