Welcome back to another edition of Disney In Pictures!  This week’s theme is ‘Your child’s favorite attraction’ — and believe me, if you thought it was worth sharing, and was a Disney related photo, then I ran with it!  So let’s get right into it after the jump!

Our first contributor this week is Dulcie, one of the writers for Chip & Company, but also one of the wonderful agents for Pixie Vacations!  You may remember Dulcie from one of her photos of the flag ceremony that her husband participated in — if not, you can read more about it here.

June was a rough month for Dulcie and her family, so I expect that she is extremely happy to see that month on the calendar change!  But I’m going to let her tell you all about it.

OMGosh..When it rains it pours…This past month has been so horrible around here for us and I’m just getting around to submitting a picture..I have MISSED participating :( I’ve not been on Chip and Co at all really either. Everything from having to get a new car to my daughter having a horrible time with her tonsil and adenoid surgery to my roof needing to be replaced due to TS Debby …. It’s been so chaotic around here I thought I needed to submit something and make a Disney day of it to lift my spirits :)

Thank you again so much for doing this weekly!!! I love participating and seeing everyone elses photos as well!!! 

This was taken Aug 22 2010 on Erinlee’s 6th birthday!
My mother in law came from Idaho to spend the week with us at Disney and my mama came with us as well. My husband was off serving our country so this photo has a lot of wonderful meaning behind it for us. Her favorite ride is Expedition Everest.She couldn’t WAIT to be tall enough to ride it. She finally made the height requirement on the trip before and was so excited that she said on her birthday she wanted to go to Animal Kingdom to ride it 6 times!! Needless to say the line was too long to make it around 6 times but we enjoyed getting to ride up front thanks to the kind CM who noted it was Erinlee’s birthday and asked where she wanted to ride. We are getting ready to celebrate her 8th birthday at Disney. She doesn’t ask for birthday parties so we just go to Disney to celebrate.It will be her 4th birthday in a row and I won’t complain!
It’s fun for the whole family….

You know, when I read Dulcie’s email, my heart went out to her, as it goes out to so many people that are suffering these days.  The first thing I told her was that I would pray for her, but I asked if I could include the initial part of her email.  Of course Dulcie said yes — if she hadn’t, I wouldn’t have put it in.  The reason I wanted to include it, though, was because it strikes me time and time again just how incredible the legacy of Walt Disney continues to be, nearly 46 years after his passing.  I mean, just the simple fact of sending a Disney picture in to a lowly blogger made her day a little better.  I know I’m a sentimental old fool, but can you imagine how desolate the world would seem if Walt Disney hadn’t grown up to be the man he was?

Next up is one of our readers, Jennifer, who wanted to share her picture of her family’s favorite attraction: The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror!  Here is what she had to say in her email:

I love this picture because this is our absolute favorite ride. It was our last day in the parks and I decided I really needed a picture of my son on his favorite ride. While I was adjusting the settings and lining him up, the CM snuck in the back of the picture and my son never even knew until we got home! I love the way it makes the picture feel creepier. We still laugh about it.

Next up is Carrie, who shared with us her picture of her daughter Natalie on her favorite attraction — Prince Charming Regal Carrousel!  Here is what she had to say:

Hi, Mike! I am finally getting around to participating in the Disney in Pictures you put out each week. I always have great intentions, but it hasn’t happened yet. I included a picture of my daughter, Natalie, on Cinderella’s Carousel. This is from our past trip, just two weeks ago. She could’ve ridden it over and over again! She loved it so much, and chose a “pink pony” every time. My blog is www.myfavoritefinds.blogspot.com.

Thanks for this opportunity!

My friend Amy is the creator of the Disney blog Disney Living, and is also a writer for the Magical Blogorail Teal line!  She and her daughter shared a different take on what Disney means to them, but read what she had to say and you’ll understand what I mean:

Hey Mike! I’ve attached three pics. Feel free to use one or all! I went straight to my 7 yr old daughter for this one. I asked her what her favorite thing was at Disney World, and she said getting there, seeing the welcome sign, walking into the hotel, and hearing a cast member say “Welcome Home!” I love this girl! (We’ve been DVC members for seven years, and it NEVER gets old.)

My good friend Steve from Pixie Vacations is next up.  He took time to send me some great shots from Disneyland Paris!  Thanks for doing that, Steve!  These pictures are absolutely incredible.  Enjoy!

Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride – Image ©Pixie Vacations

Space Mountain – Image ©Pixie Vacations

The Orbitron – Image ©Pixie Vacations

Pirate Ship – Image ©Pixie Vacations

Last, but certainly not least, is my friend Deb, the creator of Focused on the Magic.  As all of you know, Deb is a brilliant photographer, so anytime she wants to share pictures with me, I’m all for it!  Here is what she had to say:

It’s been a long time since my boys were 8 years old but they did get to Disney World quite often at that age. Their absolute hands down favorite ride was always Pirates of the Caribbean. You know me, I love taking pictures of POTC so choosing was tough. I managed to narrow it down to two favorites. They loved singing ♫ “Yo Ho Yo Ho…”

The famous scene with the dog and the keys was and is a classic favorite.

We couldn’t leave the Magic Kingdom without riding it a few times which was always fine with my husband and I as we loved the ride too.

Debs, Owner/author of Focused on the Magic.com and writer for The Disney Moms and The Magical Blogorail.

Thank you for stopping by and visiting with us today!  To close it off, I’m sharing a few pictures from our recent trip in June.  Enjoy!

The World Famous Backside of Water!

Spaceship Earth as seen from the World Showcase!

Terrified before ToT — Sophie first rode this at age 7!

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