We’re back and better then ever, to quote the tagline of one of my favorite radio shows — the Mike & Mike show on ESPN Radio!  I’m sorry for missing last week — believe me, I would have much rather wanted to do the Disney in Pictures piece last week then what I was going through — so this week’s edition is going to be much longer, because you all have had a lot more time to send in your photos for us to see!

As always, this feature is nothing without your pictures, so thank you for sharing your pictures and stories for all of us to enjoy!  Let’s get started right now!

First up on our list is my friend Denny!  Denny is one of the friends of Mouze Kateerz, and has contributed several photos for the site.  Denny loves the Magic Kingdom, so when he heard the theme, he was all about it!  Here is what he had to say:

Now you’ve really done it. I could have uploaded hundreds of my favorites from the Magic Kingdom! What do I like best…characters, parades, fireworks, etc.

The first photo is one I was lucky to get of Mickey about to go on in the castle stage show. If you haven’t seen the castle stage show, you haven’t seen the Magic Kingdom! It’s the first place that I saw the animated character faces!

Next up is a parade photo that you don’t see anymore: Miss Piggy and Kermit! Love those guys! They were such a crowd pleaser in the afternoon parade. Seeing them on that car made them seem so real. Talk about suspension of reality! LOL

What’s a parade without the Mouse himself? This is another that I captured from the deck of the train station. It’s the perfect place to photograph the parades! I never fail to be awed at seeing Mickey in person!

Everyone loves the ice covered castle at Christmas, but not many get to see the giant crane in place with the worker dangling in the air to put the nets of lights on the castle. Watch for more of my photos of this later in the year!

One of my favorite events is the Celebrate It parade and street party! Here’s Mickey in his get-down-and-party best! It always a treat to watch parents letting their hair down and dancing and carrying on with their kids during this fun event!

Last, but certainly not least, is one of my favorite firework photos. This is from Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party! The use of the new LED light technology on the castle makes it truly a blank canvas for dancing light!

Well…I’m sure I could have filled a lot more space than this with my favorite treasures at the Magic Kingdom. I treasure each and every moment spent at Disney.

Magical Grins!

Next up on our list is my friend Hiromi, who is one of the writers for Mouze Kateerz, but also a writer for Tips from the Disney Diva!  Here is what Hiromi had to share with us:

Our treasures from Magic Kingdom was meeting some of our favourite Characters. My daughter was really excited to see Alice and the White Rabbit since her dance school did a huge production of Alice in Wonderland. In this photo she was telling Alice that she played one of the little “White Rabbits” to accompany the WHITE RABBIT, Alice was genuinely excited for her! We were so happy to get to meet them right outside the splendid Mad Tea Party ride which I reviewed for Tips from the Disney Diva.

Another character meeting we were really looking forward to (and literally planned our touring day around) was to see RAPUNZEL, who was a complete darling. You can read her sweet comment to my daughter at Mouze Kateerz! The memory of meeting them, getting their autographs and pictures are treasures we will keep for our lifetime!

My friend Bob is one of the Pixie Vacations travel agents!  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Bob at the 40th Anniversary of Walt Disney World, and he is a genuinely nice person.  Here is what he had to share with us, along with his stunning pictures:

The first two pictures –the shots of Cinderella Castle from different perspectives – were taken during Disney’s “One More Disney Day” celebration. The late hour made for some great photos, and I just love the lighting in these photos. I especially love how Cinderella Castle is reflecting in the water in the second image, probably one of the best photos I’ve captured.

The third photo was taken during the special presentation of “Wishes” during the 40th anniversary celebration. Wishes is my favorite fireworks show, and I love this picture because of the contrast in colors – the purple hue of the castle, the brightness of the fireworks about to erupt, and the sky *just* dark enough to allow you to see the outlines of guests captivated by it all.

I guess the message here is that treasures don’t always have to be bought in a store; often, they are right in front of us for all to see and enjoy.

Bob is a travel agent with Pixie Vacations, a co-host of the popular weekly Disney podcast, Mouse Chat, and an occasional contributor over at Everything Walt Disney World.

My friend Deb is one of the best photographers I’ve ever seen.  You can see her work quite often over at Focused on the Magic, and if you’ve never been there, I urge you to go check it out!  Deb sent one of her shots, along with this note to go along with it:

Something I treasure in the Magic Kingdom can be said in three words — Extra Magic Hours!  

I just love night photography! On this particular night I chose to leave my usual night lens, a Sigma 30mm back at The Wilderness Lodge. I wanted to take out my old favorite Nikon Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 AI-s lens. In this shot I also used a six star Hoya filter to give it that starry night look.

Deb is a member of the Disney Parks InsidEARS and The Magical Blogorail, a writer for The Disney Moms, and site owner/author of Focused on the Magic.com

Thanks for hosting Disney in Pictures!

Roger and Brenda are next up on our list of treasures!  They are writers for Mouze Kateerz, but they also have their own blog as well.  You can read all about their travels Back To Disney!  Here is what Roger had to say in his email:

Cinderella Castle fireworks (this was at Christmas 2011).
I’m not a big fireworks fan, but Disney adds music and story, and so I did enjoy them.
But the REAL star was the Cinderella Castle!
The castle transforms right before your eyes! It was incredible and awe inspiring!

Cinderella Castle in one “gown.”
Fireworks over Cinderella Castle.
Cinderella Castle changes right before your eyes!
More fireworks & changes.
Another transformation.

Next up, with her distinctly unique twist on everything, is my friend Amanda, the creator of the site Mouze Kateerz.  As always, what I think of regarding treasures is absolutely nothing to do with what Amanda thinks of as treasure.  Here is what she had to say:

The treasure of Disney’s Magic Kingdom? This $5,000 gold and diamond necklace I spotted in the jewelry store on Main Street, U.S.A. I started saving up, and so far, at last count, I have saved $13.50 toward the purchase. I’m thinking maybe by 2023 I may have enough cash, at which time, it will be a treasured Magic Kingdom antique.
Amanda from Mouze Kateerz

Dulcie is next in our list, and she is one of the writers for Chip & Company, as well as a Pixie Vacations travel agent!  She also has her own blog at Have Mouse Ears and Loves to Travel!  I love seeing her photos because she often will incorporate photos from her childhood as well as photos from the next generation of photos — those of her family!  Here is what she had to say:

The photo of me is from my first of many trips to Disney World.
1976 at the young age of 2.I do believe that’s when my love of everything
Disney started.My parents were not huge Disney geeks like I have become but I can
thank them for starting me out so young.

The other photo was taken at AK. It’s of my daughter on her first trip at the age of 2.
She LOVES Pooh bear but wouldn’t go to him alone. Tigger was the last in the line of characters and she finally walked to him with her autograph book in hand. I do believe after that she was on a mission to meet every character in the parks. In 11 days we managed to fill 2 autograph books!! She hasn’t stopped yet.
Keeping the family tradition going :)
I do believe I treasure photos the most of everything we bring home from our trips. They always tell a story and you can relive the magical journey.

My friend Catie is another of the great writers for Chip & Company, but she also has her own blog over at Living in a Grown Up World!  Catie had the thrill of a lifetime last month, when she was able to ride this ride that I haven’t ridden in decades:

We were lucky enough to get a ride on the main street trolley our last day in Disney world last month. I haven’t ridden it in over 20 years, but the ride brought back all kinds of magical memories – there are few things as fun as clip-clopping your way down an empty early morning main street en route to Cinderella’s Castle (I even bought a trolley pin to commemorate the ride!)

Submitted by Catie
My blog is all about why Disney World is a great place for adults (not just kids!)

Terri is one of the newer writers for Chip & Company, but she also has her blog over at WDW Hints.  She wanted to share two photos with us, one of which involves a few princesses.  Here is what she had to say:

Terri M. here (fellow writer with Chip & Co.) Here are 2 pictures
for “Treasures in the MK.”

Okay, so the Princesses may not be a treasure to some… but a picture
taken with ALL 3 is! Luck was on our side for this opportunity. We
were the last ones allowed to go through the line before the
princesses went on break. Since we were last, we had all 3 of them to
ourselves for a bit which allowed for this group shot.

The Harmony Barber Shop is full of treasures! They sprinkle pixie
dust after a haircut, they hand out a generous amount of stickers to
kids, they’ve got courteous cast members, and very reasonable prices!
One last treasure you’ll notice in this picture, is the “lip stick
print” on my son’s temple from Cinderella’s kiss!

Thanks for letting me share!!

One of the My Dreams of Disney readers, Kym, wanted to share two photos with us.  Listen to what she had to share with us:

HI! I am sending 2 of my favorite pictures from my son, Keegan’s Make a Wish trip to Disney, April 2~8, 2012. One is him at his Suprise Jedi training for his 10th birthday. He is using The Force to Push the Storm troopers away! The other one is my youngest daughter meeting Rapunzel, the Joy on her face IS Priceless!! :)

Jennifer is next up on our list.  Jennifer is one of the readers of My Dreams of Disney, and she has a great photo of her family with Minnie Mouse.  Here is what she had to say:

This is my favorite picture from our March 2012 trip. Taken on the last day. I love how my daughter is hugging Minnie’s hand. She absolutely loved the characters and we spent more time seeking them out than I ever thought we would. She asks us all the time when we will go back.

One of the My Dreams of Disney readers Jessica wanted to share some of her favorite photos.  Here’s what she had to say:

I have some new pics for you! =)

The picture named “BelleBoth” is the best one….this is the second picture with Belle where he has a cheese smile on his face!!! Priceless!! Lol

Have a great day!

Last, but certainly not least, my friend Jenn from Disney Babies Blog wanted to share some great photos that were taken along the true treasure of the Magic Kingdom — Main Street, U.S.A.!  Here is what she had to say:

My treasures revolve around Main Street U.S.A. To me, Main Street U.S.A. IS a treasure. I spent too many years running straight to Space Mountain that I never stopped to realize the Magic that was around me. I LOVE watching the incredible performances by the Characters of Main Street – the Mayor, the Fire Chief, the Women – I even got to sing with them once! My oldest son had his first hair cut at the Harmony Barber Shop (and 3rd hair cut.. and one after that!) and I plan to do my best to make sure my new baby (1 month now!) gets his hair cut there as well. The barbers are amazing and stepping inside transports you to a different, slower time. All of Main Street has that ability, if you slow down to appreciate it!

Thanks for sharing this!!


This was a long post, with a lot of incredible photos from all of you!  Thank you so much for taking time to share your photos with us, and thank you for continuing to read and support My Dreams of Disney!

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