The Haunted Mansion!

Hello friends, and welcome back to another edition of Disney In Pictures!  This week, we have a very special theme for you, as we are focusing on The Haunted Mansion!  This is a kickoff post for a complete series of posts about everyone’s favorite ghosts, and my friends Terri from WDW Hints and Jonathan from Mouse and Memos are going to have a whole line of posts this week!  But for now, let’s get this party started by taking a look at all of your favorite photos of The Haunted Mansion!

Starting us off this week is my friend Denny, one of the creative thinkers that my friend Amanda surrounds herself with over at Mouze Kateerz!  Denny sent me a couple of photos, I hope you enjoy them!  Here is what he had to say:

Most people walk right by this remains of a rose garden! It’s details like this that make Disney so intriguing! Unfortunately there aren’t a lot of different angles to photograph the mansion from. None the less, it is on my ride-every-visit list!

Denny also sent me a second photo in a separate email, here is what he had to say in this one:

My goal in life is to finally get a photo of this tombstone with its eyes open! I love being in line when people notice the eye blinks for the first time!


Next up is Lottie, the creator of the blog Crunchy Disney Ma!  She has a picture that I can’t wait to get the next time I’m at Disney.  Thanks for sharing it, Lottie!  Here is what she had to say:

This was taken on our daughter’s first birthday…I stood outside the queue waiting for Leota to look at me so I could catch this shot…

You can also follow Lottie on Twitter, she is @CrunchyDisneyMa

Next up is my friend Deb, the creator and owner of Focused on the Magic!  You all know Deb from her Wordless Wednesday series that I contribute to now and then.  Deb wanted to share a couple of photos from her collection!  Here is what she had to say:

We love The Haunted Mansion especially at night. The queue area is one of the best and the CMs always put us in the spirit. This shot was taken from The Liberty Belle as we cruised down The Rivers of America. We could hear the howling and haunted music coming form the mansion.

I love these Black and White shots!

Debs, Owner/author of Focused on the
and writer for The Disney Moms and The Magical Blogorail.

My friend Teri is up next!  Teri is a writer/collaborator for Mouze Kateerz, and she had this to say about her photo:

This was taken in 2010 at MNSSHP in front of The Haunted Mansion of me, my daughter Tracy and daughter Aimee!!! Such fun we’re doing it again this year!!!!!

Jonathan from Mouse and Memos, one of our partners for the week, wanted to share a photo also!  Here is what he had to say:

My only photo of the Haunted Mansion from my honeymoon – my best Disney trip ever.

Here are some of my photos that I want to share with you.  My Haunted Mansion photos aren’t all that plentiful, something I will need to change in future trips, but they aren’t bad (I hope!)  Enjoy!

The Horse-less Hearse!

Love the Weathervane!

The people in the background almost feel like mourners to me!

My niece’s expression after we got off her first Haunted Mansion ride!

Lastly, I have some final thoughts about the Haunted Mansion. Actually, they are the thoughts of my friend Terri from WDW Hints. Enjoy!

The Haunted Mansion never had any meaning to me (gasp!) until I took the Keys to the Kingdom tour back in 2005.  I learned a lot about the Haunted Mansion on that tour, as well as a wealth of information about the Magic Kingdom.  So much thought and detail went into the ride, every time I ride it, I’m more in awe about the “making of” the Haunted Mansion than I am frightened of the actual ride.

Remember that this is just the start of our week of posts all about The Haunted Mansion! Here is the schedule of what we have in store for you this week: registered & protected



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  1. Great pictures all! I love the Haunted Mansion. Looking forward to seeing everyone's posts next week. Thanks for hosting Mike!

  2. Thanks for submitting your awesome photos, Deb! I liked all of the photos that people submitted, so thanks everyone for joining in!

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