This week’s theme, Hidden Mickeys, has been incredibly popular!  I’ve received emails from a ton of people around the Internet, some with blogs, some without, and each of them has been full of great Hidden Mickeys, so I hope you enjoy looking at all of these!  After you read the post, I invite you to check out my friend Jonathan’s site Mouse and Memos!  In this site, he has a repository of Hidden Mickeys, and you can add to the database with Hidden Mickeys you find at the parks, so go ahead and add them in!

My friend Shannan from Addicted to Mickey and Mouze Kateerz, had this Hidden Mickey to share.  Here is what she had to say:

This is a hidden Mickey we found in the shark tanks over with seas of Nemo. It’s special because it was our first real HM and the kids found it first.

Next up if my friends Roger and Brenda from Back to Disney and Mouze Kateerz.  Here is what Roger had to say in his email:


Here’s a Hidden Mickey exposed in the line for Toy Story Midway Mania.
Here’s the area: Andy’s drawing of Nemo.

And here’s the Hidden Mickey revealed!

It’s just under Nemo’s tail.
This is all located just before you start up the ramp to board TSMM.
This is Brenda and my favorite Hidden Mickey, because it’s the first we ever found!
Though we did know where to look for it, thanks to one of our many Disney books.

Brenda & Roger

My friend Frances, who runs Disney Vacations by Distinctive Journeys, and who is running a contest right now (you can enter here) wanted to share this photo of a special Hidden Mickey:

I would like you to meet my friend Trevor’s fish Mortimer. Please notice his tail:-)

Editor’s Note:  Talk about a small world.  Take a look at two of the Hidden Mickeys that we have at our house!


Next up is Denny, one of the creative photographers from Mouze Kateerz!  He’s got a classic Hidden Mickey from a couple of decades ago!  Here’s what he had to say:

Here, in all her glory, is Minnie Moo! This was taken in 1991. I don’t remember what that area was called at the time, but it looks sort of circus themed. I doubt if they could keep a cow in an enclosure like that now. Grins!

Next we’re going to hear from Angelique, one of the My Dreams of Disney readers!  Here is what she had to say and share:

Hello, my name is Angelique and this Hidden Mickey was found while my family and I were waiting for Animal Kingdom to open its gates one morning in 2009. I thought it was really neat how they configure these kinds of things into simple building structures. I don’t have a blog, I’m busy enough already, but I enjoy reading everyones shared info there on Facebook :) It’s almost become easier than calling and asking a Disney operator!
Regards, Angelique

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