Hello everyone!  After our absence last week to celebrate Easter, we are back strong with another edition of Disney In Pictures!  This week’s theme is Celebrations, and the pictures have been pouring in from everywhere!  Thank you all so much for sharing your photos with us — that is what makes this series so cool!

The first photos I want to share with you came to us from Jessica!  Jessica wrote in her email:

My name is Jessica. The 1st picture I am submitting is special to me because it’s the first time he got to meet Belle and understood who she is. As you can see, he is in love. Lol..He now calls Belle his Girlfriend. The look that he gives Belle is priceless.

The 2nd picture is of my daughter and Cinderella. Cinderella is her favorite princess. This is special to me because when she saw her Cinderella, she ran up to her and gave her a kiss!

I will be going back again to Disney in May, and I hope to get more pictures.

Thank you !! =)

No, thank you Jessica!

Image Courtesy Jessica

Image Courtesy Jessica

Next up I’m sharing with you some pictures that my friend Bob from Pixie Vacations sent to me.  Bob tells it best in his own words, so read what he had to say, then take a look at this pictures!

These are photos of a birthday cake made for my (then girlfriend) Donna during a trip to Disney. A lot of people don’t know that Disney will make custom cakes, and that the offer a lot of different flavors and varieties. These pictures are special to me because I wanted to do something nice for Donna for her birthday and to, I’ll admit, impress her. When I called Disney about the cake, aside from choosing the type of cake I wanted, all I told them was “She really likes Donald Duck, so whatever you can do with that would be wonderful.”

We were both blown away by how good it looked when it was delivered, and just as impressed with how it tasted!

Image Courtesy and ©Bob from Pixie Vacations

Image Courtesy and ©Bob from Pixie Vacations

Next up on our photos to share is a photo that my friend Dulcie shared with me.  I can explain it to you, but I think that it will be better if you read it in her words:

Aug 22 2009
It was our daughter’s 5th birthday and my husband was picked to do the Flag Retreat Ceremony at WDW!! He had just returned from sea and wasn’t able to stay for the full birthday trip but we were glad that he was able to make it down for the day of her birthday.We were so excited when he was chosen to do be the Veteran of the Day! We celebrated our daughter turning 5 and his homecoming all in one very special day!!

Image Courtesy and ©Dulcie Hayes

This picture of her’s is special, but to get the full effect, please check out her blog post about the day!  Just click on her picture to head over to it.  Lastly, thank you Brandon for your service to our country!  It is greatly appreciated!

My friends Roger and his wife Brenda are writers for Mouze Kateerz, but they also have their own blog called “Back To Disney.”  Roger sent me some photos from various celebrations they have had, and told me to pick one, but I like them all, so here they are!

Roger & Brenda Ford, our first trip together, 2003, our honeymoon trip!

Our first trip with Brenda’s daughter, Rebecca

Our first trip with Brenda’s daughter, Rebecca

Our second trip, 2005

Our first trip with Brenda’s daughter, Jenn.

2011, Our first Christmas trip (together–Brenda went without me in 2010!), our 10th Anniversary, and Brenda’s 60th Birthday!

Next up are some pictures that my friend Frances sent to me.  Frances is one of the writers for Mouze Kateerz, and is also a travel agent for Distinctive Journeys!  Here is what she had to say in her email:

These pics were taken on my sons 3rd Birthday. He has autism and you can totally see the shock and awe effect when he meets Buzz and Woody. You can also see it when he meets Mickey with his sister. My son is Jonathan and my daughter is Julia.

Image Courtesy Frances

Image Courtesy Frances

Image Courtesy Frances

Image Courtesy Frances

My friend Denny is next on our list of celebratory photographs!  Denny was following the blog for months, but now he is one of the excellent writers for Mouze Kateerz, and a terrific photographer also!  Here is what he had to share with us:

The best day of my life was my 60th birthday spent at the Magic Kingdom! I was celebrated and serenaded by cast members and the day was truly magical. The photos I’ve attached are just a tip of the iceberg. Here’s the link to my Picasa album from that day. You’ll see my great photos of the old skyway station in Fantasyland and a lot of other great photos.

Happy Birthday Denny!

The Center of attention!

“Oh yeah? Says you!”

Next up are some photos from one of my readers, Lisa, who sent me a few photos to share!  Celebrations are always exciting, so take a look at these!

Lisa’s Mom celebrating her birthday!

Lisa’s Mom celebrating her birthday!

Enjoying the show at the MVMCP on a birthday celebration trip

We were there for my Mom’s (Patty) Birthday and are enjoying a night at MVMCP

Lisa celebrating her birthday at the Flying Fish!

After looking at Lisa’s photos, we have another photo from another Lisa!  She is also a reader on the blog, and wanted to share this photo that she has that always puts a smile on her face.  In her words:

Best Day ever!! The looks on the boys faces are priceless. We had so much fun with Pluto and Goofy. Also loved the fact that we are in our family matching shirts.

Image Courtesy Lisa!

 My friend Hiromi is both a writer for Mouze Kateerz and for Tips from the Disney Diva!  This week she shared with me some beautiful pictures of her daughter when she celebrated her birthday at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique!  Listen to Hiromi in her own words:

“To……the most beautiful birthday Princess! Love, Anna – Your Fairy Godmother” wrote my daughter’s “Fairy Godmother-in-training” in her autograph book, at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique in Downtown Disney. See my review and our experience at Tips from the Disney Diva. After “Anna” turned my little girl into a Princess, we proceeded to Epcot and had the most exquisite time at the Akershus Banquet Hall. What a magnificent way to spend a Birthday with the Disney Princesses! Cinderella chose my daughter to lead the Procession around the Restaurant with her. What a honour it was for my Princess. Below is a photo of her receiving a card signed by the Disney Princesses. A treasure we will keep, to reminisce this perfect Princess Birthday Celebration at Walt Disney World.

After the transformation!
A Princess has got to eat, right?

Next up on photographic journey towards our celebrations is my good friend Mary, the creator of Capturing Magical Memories, a member of the Magical Blogorail, a writer for The Disney Moms, and a very talented individual!  Here is what she had to say in her email:

I have always been meaning to send you a photo and finally I was in front of my computer when you put the call out. So here it is. This is my husband during the Year+ of a Million Dreams. This was taken on a special trip. It was when we were dating and we went together with his son on our first ‘family’ trip. During that trip we racked up the wins as you can see. Just added to the magic of the trip.

Image Courtesy and ©Capturing Magical Memories

Next up is my friend Deb, the creator of the site Focused on the Magic!  Deb is one of the best photographers I’ve had the pleasure of “meeting!”  She wanted to share some photos of when she ate at Via Napoli!  Here are her words:

Celebrating birthdays at Via Napoli is unforgettable even if it’s the “big one” you’d rather forget:P
I had the most wonderful birthday celebration at Via Napoli after a delicious meal, which I reviewed at Focused on the Magic.

They really know how to celebrate and it’s all in Italian. The servers gathered around our table and sang a rousing rendition of the Italian Happy Birthday song while clapping, dancing and then presenting me with a special Italian dessert. I have no idea what they were saying but the sentiment was greatly appreciated. It really made my birthday lunch a great celebration!!

Image Courtesy and ©Focused on the Magic

Image Courtesy and ©Focused on the Magic

Oh my gosh that dessert looks delicious!  We will be eating there when we are at Walt Disney World in June, we may just have to get some of these! :)

Last but not least, my friend Melissa — one of the writers for Mouze Kateerz (and herself a travel agent) — and her family have a very unique tradition when they celebrate a birthday at Walt Disney World.  Listen to her tell it in her email:

We have a family tradition that when we are at Disney World on your birthday you get to pick the entire day – breakfast, park, rides, lunch, dinner – everything! Last summer we were there for my son’s fifth birthday, without hesitation, we had breakfast at Ohana – here he is getting his first birthday hug of the day, from the big guy himself, Mickey Mouse. It set the tone for the rest of the day, lots of smiles and hugs!

The other picture is of my birthday, I turned 29 (it’s my story, I can be whatever age I want in it!) at Disney a couple of years ago. I picked Epcot for the day. This was from our lunch at Le Cellier. My husband and kids made me wear my birthday button all week long so there were many desserts and lots of waiters and waitresses singing “Happy Birthday” – and since I turn lobster red when I am the center of attention, my family found this to be the best idea ever. (Truth be told, I enjoyed every embarrassing minute of it.)

The final one is from a couple of years ago for my daughter’s 5th birthday. She even convinced her granddad (my father) to go to Disney with us. She picked the Magic Kingdom, and just like her mommy, she was all about it’s a small world. Although this past year we went for her 7th birthday and she picked Boma for breakfast, Epcot as her park, and Jiko: The Cooking Place for dinner – she sure is growing up fast. Thankfully, you are never too old for Disney! 

Eating at ‘Ohana and hugging Mickey Mouse!
Celebrating at Le Cellier!
Getting ready to ride “its a small world!”

What an incredible set of photos, everyone!  Thank you so much to everyone for sharing them with me and our readers!  This has been a long post, I hope you have all enjoyed it, and I hope you’ll stop by during the week and next weekend also for more Disney posts!

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