This week in Disney In Pictures we have a very special theme.  It is long overdue, and one that I should have thought of sooner.  This week we are celebrating all of the incredible things that the Disney Cast Members do for us to turn our vacations into Magical Memories!  So to all of the Disney Cast Members that we have seen in our trips, I salute you and say a truly heartfelt “Thank You” for all that you do.  This post is dedicated to all of you!

First up for us is my friend Maria!  She is one of the writers for Chip & Company, and she wanted to share her story of a Cast Member that may have saved her life.  Here is Maria’s heartfelt story:

My daughter and I were at The Magic Kingdom, it was very hot and I had just started a new medication that was not agreeing with me. I started getting dizzy and nauseous so I walked over to first aid where we greeted by Marietta who had a smile on her face even though I was not in the best mood. She asked me my name and told my daughter to sign me in so she did and she escorted us to the back and she knew exactly what I needed she put me in a dark and quiet corner. She asked me what was wrong and if there was any history she should know about so I told her about my high blood pressure and the new medication. She checked my blood pressure and my heart rate, which was kind of high, she offered to call the paramaedics but I declined. She offered me a Powerade and suggested that I was probably dehydrated.

She went off to tend to some more people and then she comes back and asked me more in depth questions. She and Karen, who was another awesome nurse there, they told me stuff about the medication that I was taking that the Doctor did not even tell me. My daughter has anxiety and gets worked up very quickly and goes down hill really fast. Marietta had no idea that my daughter has these issues, maybe she saw it in her eyes. She was very calm the whole time and always smiled and spoke very softly and kindly to my daughter. She taught my daughter how to take blood pressure which is something she was fascinated by and always wanted to learn. Before I knew it my daughter was smiling and enjoying her time in First Aid and I was feeling much better.

She advised me to stay a little bit longer and so she can monitor my heart rate a few more times, so I did. After about an hour I was ready to go out and enjoy Disney again. I toke her advice and drank alot of water and Powerade and my day went great.

I feel that she saved my life that day by telling me about some horrible side effects of the medication I was taking. They say everything happens for a reason. I feel she was my angel in more ways then one.

Next up for our Cast Member tribute is my friend Denny from Mouze Kateerz.  Denny is a regular contributor to our weekly series, here is what he has to say:

One lovely summer evening, I had dinner at Tony’s and sat outside on the veranda!  This was our server, Charlie!  He gave us the best service I’ve ever had at any restaurant.  This was in 2002.  He certainly put the ‘Magic’ in Magic Kingdom!

During last week’s edition for Adventureland, we had an entry that actually gave me the idea to run this week’s theme about Cast Members! You may remember what Michelle shared with us:

After spending 2 days at Magic Kingdom, we spent our 3rd day there doing all the character meet and greets. We met this wonderful Cast Member while meeting Woody and Jessie. She asked us who we had and hadn’t seen…. the only meet and greet we had not done yet was Aladdin and Jasmine. She was wonderful enough to walk us over to meet them. While posing for pictures, she left and returned with several pins for him to add to his collection or trade. It’s Cast Members like her, that help make the trip extra special!!!


There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow,shining at the end of every day!

In 2008 we were visiting Walt Disney World during Sophie’s birthday.  On June 17, while we were in the Magic Kingdom, we saw the Dapper Dans over in Fantasyland.  They were playing their instruments, but after they finished, they saw Sophie and her birthday button, and an older lady with her birthday button.  They brought both of them forward and played Happy Birthday for them!  Here is the picture from that moment:

Now fast forward almost exactly four years, to June 10, 2012.  We were once again in Fantasyland, and once again we saw the Dapper Dans!  As always, they were incredible, and after their performance, they once again had their picture taken with Sophie!

There are so many other stories that I will share with you in the coming days.  We have been truly blessed to have some absolutely incredible experiences with Cast Members, so I’m going to do a series of posts about some of those encounters.  That’s all I have for now, have a great day, and thanks for stopping by!



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