Welcome to the first of My Dreams of Disney‘s Dining Reviews! I hope that you will find these entertaining, enlightening, and useful as you think about the different dining options you have at Walt Disney World!

Tramp and Lady Fountain in Tony‘s Town Square Restaurant

For my first review, I’m taking you back in time to our first trip to Disney World where we stayed on property — 2007.  In that year, we took our trip to Disney World in late August, and we stayed at Coronado Springs that year.  For this year we were lucky enough to qualify for free dining, so we planned all of our dining locations ahead of time.

Being our first on-property vacation, I mistakenly thought that we would be able to drive down, get to our room, and make our dinner reservation in time.  I was wrong!  Our reservation was for 6:30 PM or something like that, but we were late getting into Coronado Springs, so when we did get there, I explained the situation to the concierge, and they called the restaurant and were able to change our reservation!  As you can see from the picture above, it was about an 8PM dinner reservation, and the restaurant wasn’t that crowded.

Tony’s Town Square Restaurant is, as the name implies, located in the Town Square part of Main Street U.S.A., on the right side as you enter the Magic Kingdom.  Taken from the movie Lady and the Tramp, Tony’s is an Italian restaurant, specializing in pastas, pizza, salads, and other Italian specialties.

While Tony’s isn’t the best restaurant on property, it does hold a sentimental value to it because it was our first reservation when staying on property.  As such, while the food is good, but not spectacular, it does have a place in my heart.  Sophie loves Lady and the Tramp, and there are times when she watches the movie to this day.  For her, eating at Tony’s is like transporting into the movie.

Some of the movie scenes at the restaurant


Goofy sits out front of Tony’s

If you are interested in seeing the menus, head on over to the Walt Disney World website to download the PDF versions.

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13 Responses to “Disney Dining Review – Tony’s Town Square”

  1. Tony's is a place that we've not yet tried. I almost added it to our reservation list for our next trip; but, in the end, it didn't make the cut. :) I do love Italian food though.

  2. Thanks Heidi! Tony's has a mixed reputation for the food it serves, some people like it, some say that you can get as good a meal outside the parks at like Olive Garden or something. We've eaten there twice, but I'm almost positive there are better Italian places out there!

  3. Thanks Mary for commenting!  In my book, the food at Tony's isn't bad, although we haven't been there since 2008.  However, I had some good meals there, and the atmosphere was nice with the layout.  If they would come up with some way to make it a character restaurant, that would be great and I would eat there again!

  4. I was surprised you chose this, hearing the food reviews, but totally like the sentimental aspect! Glad you enjoyed the meal and looking forward to more dining reviews!

  5. Thanks for commenting, Jennifer!  “Back in the day” I was a clueless Disney fan, we decided on staying on property, looked at the character restaurants we wanted, and looked at other restaurants based on what Sophie was into at the time, so this one was a case of picking a restaurant more for the Lady and the Tramp angle than anything else.  I'm glad we ate there, though, and like I said, if they somehow integrated character dining into it I would go back again.  Thanks!

  6. Jennifer, since we had eaten there, I figured I had better cover it in my reviews. We ate there a while ago, though, back when we didn't know much about the restaurants of Disney. Seems like an eon ago! :) Thanks for commenting! Mike