In this brand new series, I’m bringing to you some
blogs that you might want to take a look at. I am both proud and
honored to be affiliated with both the great writers of Chip &
Company, and the incredible group that is known as the Magical
Blogorail, and in this small way, I hope to be able to say thanks to
those bloggers that have helped to make me the blogger that I am.  Next on our list is my friend Beth’s sites, The Magical Blogorail and Pursuing The Magic!

My friend Beth is the owner and writer for her Disney blog, Pursuing the Magic.  This blog is her labor of love, and she is always writing about her love of Disney, her family, and her next Disney trip on her blog. Whether it involves planning for her next trip, or discussing the things that they have found in her part of the world to bring Disney closer to home, Beth loves writing and talking about Disney, and it shows throughout her blog.

I first learned about the Magical Blogorail when I read Beth’s top 5 posts of 2010.  While reading her blog, she kept referencing “The Magical Blogorail”, so I started looking into it.  I found out that the Magical Blogorail was a collection of bloggers, each with their own site, who came together to write a monthly post about a common topic.

The beauty of the Blogorail is that one person starts off the topic, writes about the common theme, and then passes it off to the next person in the loop.  That continues until the very end of the line, and that blog announces when the next loop will be published.  By having so many writers write about a common theme, it allows all aspects of that topic to be discussed, and it really makes for some great Disney reading!

The idea of the Magical Blogorail was very intriguing to me, so I asked Beth about it, and how I could get in on it.  Beth, being the great person that she is, was very cordial, and told me that she was expanding from the Magical Blogorail Blue line to add a second line, the Red line!  I was one of the new members of the Red line, and I have enjoyed participating in the Magical Blogorail ever since!  The popularity of the Blogorail has exploded over this year, and now, in addition to the Blue and Red lines, we also have Green, Yellow, Orange, Black, and Teal lines!

In addition to her work on Pursuing the Magic and The Magical Blogorail, Beth has also been one of the co-architects of one of the best projects that I have had the honor to be affiliated with.  Beth and Donna (the owner of DIStherapy), have collaborated on a special countdown project to the 40th anniversary of the Magic Kingdom.  The 40 Days to 40 Years project is being hosted over at DIStherapy, so if you haven’t read any of those posts, please check them out — there are some incredible history lessons in those posts!

If you haven’t been to either of Beth’s sites, I hope you will take the time to head on over and check them out! registered & protected



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Mike has been a Disney fan since his first trip to the Magic Kingdom in 1979 when he was 11 years old. Since that first trip, he has seen parks open, lands close, and attractions come and go, but one thing remains the same, his love for Disney is as strong as ever. His Disney adventures caused him to start My Dreams of Disney because he wanted to document for his family and friends all of the special Disney Memories he has enjoyed with his family, and since that first post in 2010, Mike's hobby has become his passion! Now a Travel Consultant with Pixie Vacations for six years, Mike has helped many of his readers plan and have incredible Disney vacations of their own. Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and . Also, connect with us on our Pixie Vacations by Mike Ellis Facebook page to submit a quote request or learn more about all of your possible vacation destinations!


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  1. YAY!!!!!! Great job Mike! :)
    I don't know why this stupid computer at work won't let me sign in with my google acct…
    Beth Green

  2. Thanks, Heidi! There are so many incredible Disney blogs out there, but you guys (and girls) on the Blogorail, and my friends on C&C are really great. Beth is one of the nicest people I've never met! :)

  3. Mike,

    Like you, I am so glad to have met Beth online and am honored to be a part of the Magical Blogorail! Thanks for shining the spotlight on a talented and generous Disney blogger!