Hello, and welcome back for this week’s Disney In Pictures edition!  This weekly post gives all of you a chance to share your favorite photos from your Disney trips!  Each week we have a different theme, and this week’s theme is seldom seen characters.  I hope you enjoy this as much as we enjoy sharing them with you!  Now sit back, grab a cup of coffee or some juice, and enjoy this week’s column!

First up this week is my good friend Denny from Mouze Kateerz!  Denny is always so much fun to talk Disney with, he has an incredibly bubbly personality and he always signs off an email with “Grins!” or “Magical Grins!”  You can’t help but smile!  Here are two photos he wanted to share, here is what he had to say:

I love this topic and look forward to see the photos that you get!

I’m not sure if he ever had a meet and greet, but Davy Crockett was definitely in the afternoon parade in 1991! Here he is! I bet he’d still be a draw at the park today if he had a meet and greet! Notice that there are still full grown trees on the hub in this photo! The second photo is me with the seven dwarfs. I’ve never seen them out in the park except in the parades. This was taken at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party last year! Grins! Denny

My Dreams of Disney reader Michelle is up next with a wonderful picture!  Here is what she has to say (I love her signature line at the end of her email!):

When we have the chance to vivist WDW, we always plan for an additonal day at the MK to JUST do character meet and greets, photos and autographs – that way we are not taking away from getting all those rides done!!!! This was the first time we have ever seen Clarabelle and Horace Horsecollar!


There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow,shining at the end of every day!

Michelle, I’ve got a similar picture, but my picture of Clarabelle Cow and Horace Horsecollar was taken in Town Square.  Enjoy!

Next up is Jennifer, who wanted to share a special photo that was taken over at Epcot.  In addition to her photo, Jennifer had a tip I hadn’t heard, so take a look at what she had to share:

This was taken in Epcot (World Showcase) the Summer of 2010 on our 2nd trip to WDW. We were walking past the entrance to the big events center that they have tucked behind big wooden blue doors near the UK Pavillion and we looked over and Smee was there. The cast member actually came over and requested that we take a pic with him because no one saw him over there (not a single person in line) and he hardly ever makes an appearance outside of the Main Street Electrical Parade at MK. This was probably one of the first characters my husband and I ever took a pic with.

For other hard-to-find characters, I recommend that people go to the Animation building in HS just before 5PM to see all the unannounced characters there. You never know who will walk out the door next. We’ve seen the Queen of Hearts, Jafar and may others appear in those brief meet-and-greets.

Thanks, Jennifer for sharing this.  I’ve never had a picture with Smee or Hook, but we did get a really good photo of them from the 40th Anniversary Parade last October!  Enjoy!

Next up is my good friend and regular contributor Dulcie, a Pixie Vacations travel agent and a writer for Chip & Company!  She has three photos to share, here is what she had to say:

Hey Mike…I see it’s that time again :)
I’m going to miss out next week because we will be partying with the mouse for Erinlee’s 8th birthday but I won’t forget to look at all of the photos!!

Here is a picture of Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs *well only 6 would fit in the picture*
and Erinlee at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party a few years back.
I think she was trying to steal the spotlight from Snow White by doing her Princess wave…

Then there is Iridessa …. We saw her when Pixie Hollow first opened and we had a 2 hour wait. It was insane but so worth it to capture the smiles of my girl seeing the Faries for the first time. She thought they were very funny!

And last for this week Miss Bunny! We saw her at Camp Minnie Mickey a few years ago during Halloween time
right after Festival of the Lion King. We had not ever really paid attention to the characters around the area because the crowds were
always so crazy getting out of the show. Glad we stopped to say HI because I hear she is rare now to signings … only comes out at Easter !!

Dulcie at

Thanks for sharing these, Dulcie!  I’ll miss seeing your entries for next week, but have a great time at Disney!

Next up is My Dreams of Disney reader Kimmy, who has two very unique character shots to share!  Here is what she had to say:

Hi there! I’m Kimmy and I LOVE this category!

The Darkwing Duck photo is one of my favorites from 7 years ago! We were visiting Magic Kingdom for my birthday and as we walked through the Train Station’s tunnel towards Cinderella Castle, my sister and I at the same time shouted “DARKWING DUCK?!?” It was SO unbelievable because Darkwing Duck’s show had been off the air for a VERY long time. We stood in his REALLY long line ((because why wouldn’t you)) and while waiting we heard the small boy behind us ask, “Mommy, why is Donald wearing that costume in December?” Hahaha….

The Figment Photo is ALSO one of my favorites because he was only available for photos for a short amount of time. We were visiting Journey Into Imagination and as we were leaving the building we noticed a sign that said “Figment’s Place” with an open door near it. We went in to see what this new thing was and THERE he was…Figment all by himself since no one knew it was there. We got to dance and play with him for 10 minutes without interruption! It was amazing! It was like a childhood dream come true. =)


Thank you all for sharing your photos with us here at My Dreams of Disney!  To round out this week’s edition, here are some of the rare characters that we got pictures of (ok, my wife Cindy got these pictures) from the 40th Anniversary Celebration last October.  Some of these you see in parades only, but they are unique, that’s for sure!

Merryweather and Fauna

Peter Pan and Wendy

Br’er Fox and Br’er Bear from Song of the South

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