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Hello everyone, and welcome to a special Friendship Friday post.  I have been entirely too remiss in talking about the friends that I have, and what they mean to me, so for today, I plan to rectify that!

Today isn’t a post about one specific friend — today I’m writing about as great a group of people as you will ever meet — even if I’ve never met them — and to tell them all what I think of them and the support that we all give one another.

The Magical Blogorail is the brainchild of Beth from Pursuing the Magic, who started it along with Kristen from Cooking With Mickey, Chad from Days in the Park, Bryan and Crystal from The CanaDisney Blog, Natalie from Meet the Magic, and Jenn from Disney Babies Blog.  The concept is simple: come up with a topic for discussion, and have a loop that takes you from one blog to the next, on and on down the list, until you get to the end.  Each person writes their own take on the topic, and each person links to the next in the chain.  The brilliance is in the simplicity of it all.  They came up with the Magical Blogorail as a tribute to that awesome, incredible Monorail that we all know and love, and they chose the blue color for their line, so they are the Magical Blogorail Blue line.

I have had the honor of being part of the second line that Beth got going, and this past February was the second anniversary of that line!  Month in and month out, the Magical Blogorail provides useful and helpful tips, tricks, and planning information to help you have an incredible Disney vacation!  The Blogorail is now up to eight lines, so there is a lot of Disney information for everyone to share!

But you know what?  As incredible as it is to be a part of the Magical Blogorail, what really sets the Blogorail apart from every other group I’m a part of is the people.  There have been times when we’ve all needed a group hug, or someone (usually me) just had to tell a corny joke, or something, just to break up the tension that the world sometimes brings into our group, despite our best efforts to keep it at bay.

I think that, without a doubt, the members that we have in our group would tell you that there are times when the best thing they have going is knowing that, no matter what the issue is, there are a group of people that all share the same love for Disney that they can go to, share what is going on in their lives, get a virtual hug, a laugh, or share a cry with, and know that it will be okay.

I know that not a day goes by when I’m not laughing at something dumb that Dave or Bryan say, or cringing at some stupid comment that I make and hit enter without taking a moment to read my comment first.

All in all, though, my friends in the Magical Blogorail are incredible — and I love each and every one of them for different reasons.  We’ve all got a special connection, our love of Disney; and a passion to share that love with as many fans as we can.  It has led us to great heights, to feats that we never would have imagined possible; and in many ways, our blogs would not be the same if we did not have the Magical Blogorail as a group connection.

So I thank you all, my friends, for your support, patience, understanding, and help (especially help!) as I have taken this itty bitty blog to heights that continues to astound me.  As always, I’m here for you, so if you need anything, all you need do is ask.

As for my readers, as always, I thank you for stopping by, and making my little blog one of your stops on your daily Disney fix.  The site is only as good as my readers, and I appreciate each and every one of you more then you will ever know.

If you would like to learn more about the Magical Blogorail and it’s members, please click on the link and check out all of the blogs you find listed there!  But make sure you’ve got some time on your hands, you could be there a while!

The Friendship Friday series is the brainchild of my good friend Heidi from Heidi’s Head.  Heidi is one of the members of the Magical Blogorail Orange Line, and is just one example of the great people that you can meet.  Please check out her blog and see who she is featuring today on her blog!  If you would like to be considered for inclusion in the Magical Blogorail team, please send me an email (mickey@mydreamsofdisney.com) and I will forward your information on to Beth!



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11 Responses to “Friendship Friday – My Blogorail Friends”

  1. Well put, Mike – the friends I’ve made on the Magical Blogorail are definitely special ones!

  2. What a great post, Mike! I’ve been so remiss at doing my FF posts too. Glad you brought it back. I’m glad to have met you through the Blogorail – it definitely is a very special group. :)

  3. Mike, thank you so much for this post. The Magical Blogorail has become a place I can go for anything – Disney related or not. This has been a rough year for my family, and I am so thankful for all of you on the Magical Blogorail supporting us. I have to especially say a very big thank you to you too. You always come through with photos, info and tech solutions! You are one of the most giving people I know and I am so thankful that we have crossed paths and become friends!

  4. Hi Mike,

    I’m so glad you wrote this. I’ve often come upon the various Blogorails and wondered about them. I thought that someday — when I had a little time — I’d love to find out what the “backstory” was and why the various colors (groups) — and now I know!

    They sound like such a fantastic group, and I know the information they provide is among some of the best. And thanks for providing the link to the complete list. There are some blogs I’m familiar with and some new ones to explore — and new friends to be made as well!


  5. My sentiments exactly Mike! I have met some pretty amazing people through the Magical Blogorail, You are all like family to me, so proud to be part of the Red Line with you!! Hugs!!

  6. Mike! ::hugs::

    I am so grateful for the Magical Blogorail and for all the people I’ve met because of it. It’s truly a wonderful collaboration. There’s not an ounce of bad vibes – it’s something I truly enjoy. Thanks for being such a big part of that and for reminding us all how special it is!

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! I totally agree. You ALL are a great group of friends and I cherish you all. I “talk” to you guys more than I talk to my own family… but that’s what you all are, family. :)

  8. Thanks everyone for your comments! We are a special group, and it is great to know that we all have a space we can go to when we need to unwind a bit and sound off about something.

    Mike from Sector 7, saying “Good Night!” :)