Image ©Disney Parks
Image ©Disney Parks

One of my favorite roller coasters at Walt Disney World is Big Thunder Mountain Railroad!  This roller coaster — which was the first roller coaster that I remember ever riding at the Magic Kingdom (despite my sister’s insistence that I rode Space Mountain in 1979) is a fun adventure through the Wild West!  I love this roller coaster, and so does Cindy and Sophie and everyone that I meet and talk about Disney with.

So I was really looking forward to riding Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disneyland in 74 days — until I found out that the attraction is going through extensive renovations and won’t be open until mid-fall 2013.  Per the Disneyland attraction page for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad:

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad to Reopen Fall 2013

Starting January 7, 2013, the exciting Big Thunder Mountain Railroad will receive refurbishment attention. Come back mid-fall 2013 and climb aboard the train for a twisting thrill ride through the untamed landscape of the legendary Old West.

The disappointment in not being able to ride BTMRR is high, but that isn’t going to ruin our Disneyland trip!  We’ve still got all of these other great roller coasters that we will be riding:

So, it’s not BTMRR, but it’s not bad — and that just frees up a few more rides on Sophie’s favorite ride — Splash Mountain!

Thanks for stopping by, but make sure you come back around later, we’ve got a full day planned here on the site.  Next up is my writer Theresa talking about her Disney World bucket list, and then after that, we’ve got a special post about a new contest that starts tomorrow!  So stay tuned, and have a great Sunday!



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