Image ©Disney Parks
Image ©Disney Parks

The Main Street Cinema at Disneyland is our selection for Day 64 in our Days til Disneyland countdown!  This venue, which I guess is really more of a show then an actual attraction, still hosts some of the original Disney cartoons.  For those of you that are closer to my age, I remember when the Main Street Cinema at the Magic Kingdom also showed cartoons, but they don’t anymore…bummer.

What I truly admire about Walt Disney and Disneyland, despite the fact that I’ve not been yet, is how much thought Walt gave towards history — and specifically, how much thought he gave towards preserving a record of how things used to be, even as we were moving on into how things are now.  Seeing how things used to be is perhaps what I like most of all about any of the Disney parks, whether it be Disneyland, Magic Kingdom, or whatever!

I think that stopping in and seeing some of the six cartoons that are on display in the Main Street Cinema will be a special treat, one that we will enjoy quite a bit as a whole family.  What do you think?  Do you stop and visit, or do you walk right past?