Image ©Disney Parks
Image ©Disney Parks

Donald’s Boat is on the agenda for today, this is Day 57 in our Countdown to Disneyland!  This attraction looks like the same sort of attraction as what we had at the Magic Kingdom.  The attraction at the Magic Kingdom was in Toontown Fair, is Donald’s Boat still there as part of the New Fantasyland expansion, or was it lost as well?  I can’t remember.

Anyway, Donald’s Boat is truly a young kids play area, and not something that my family will spend a lot of time at.  There are some things that have passed us by at Disney, and things like this are one of them.  However, the water spouts might be good for a refreshing cool off if it’s a hot day!

Overall, this is definitely one of those attractions that we don’t need to worry about much, but what about all of you?  Do you take advantage of the resting spots for the adults and play areas for the kids, or do you skip on by also?  Let me know please in the comments, and thanks!