minnies-house_alt See?  I told you you would be able to figure out what today’s post would be about!  Today is 84 days until we travel to Disneyland, and for this day, we are taking a look at Minnie’s House!  Located next door to Mickey’s House, which we talked about yesterday, Minnie’s House reminds me of her Country House that we saw in Mickey’s Toontown Fair.

Perhaps the biggest reason I want to visit Toontown and see all of the great things there is because of the memories it will revive in me from my journeys through Mickey’s Toontown Fair. Or perhaps it’s because I like the idea of finding furniture that I can sit in!

Whatever the reason, what I know is the Minnie’s House is definitely on the list of things that I want to experience when we visit Disneyland — in 84 short days — which will hopefully be here in very short order.

84 days — just 12 short weeks.  Thank you for stopping by!  Now, please tell me, do you like to experience Minnie’s House?  If so, what is your favorite reason why, and if not, why not?




2 Replies to “84 Days til Disneyland – Minnie’s House!”

  1. Hi Mike,

    I’m so excited for your up coming trip. I just booked our October trip for my son and I. This will be his first time visiting Mickey and his crazy clan. About 1 1/2yrs ago I decided to make this a special trip for each of my children to spend 3 fun filled days at Disneyland. That is when I took my oldest child of 4 there. I can’t even begin to express the fun we had. The memories that I was able to share with you during our special time together.

    So like you, my son and I are patiently counting down the months before we head down south.

    P.S. “Mouse” cation says, “HELLO” :)

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